From our parents:

“When our children were in fourth and seventh grade, making the decision to move them out of our local public school was incredibly difficult. We both come from families of educators, and believe strongly in supporting local schools as the primary means that communities have for coming together in a shared commitment to providing resources for future generations to thrive and succeed. But at a certain point, it became clear to us that our children’s needs were not being met with the very limited resources that were available to them locally, and at that point, we were so fortunate to have found Thaddeus Stevens School as an option. We were immediately draw to the school’s intention to help young people understand what it means to participate in a democracy, to foster a sense of purpose larger than one’s self, and seek to learn from the mistakes of past systems of racism, sexism, and classism, and to identify and understand how these “isms” continue to cause harm. Their classes were still small, and their teachers were dedicated, attentive, and very much a part of the fabric of the school. Perhaps most importantly, it was of great comfort to us to know that having our children out of a public school didn’t mean having them out of a setting that included classmates from families of diverse socioeconomic, religious, and political backgrounds; we did not want them to be in a private school bubble, but learning, as they did, that the world is full of diversity, and differences are to be respected and worked with. Now in high school, with one preparing to apply to college, we find that they’ve been prepared exceptionally well for the challenges of accelerated and advanced placement coursework, and both cite Thaddeus Stevens School as having taught them how to really write, how to really understand what literature is trying to tell us, and how to have thoughtful discourse with fellow students and teachers alike. The logistics – driving, tuition, and so on – were not always easy for us, but what our family got in return from Thaddeus Stevens School was truly priceless.” Jen and Josh Castle, Walden

“Thaddeus Stevens School has allowed our son to thrive. The unique environment of the school and its academic approach have made him a more confident person, a more passionate learner, and a more responsible citizen. We could not be happier with our decision to enroll him here.” Carla Ciardelli

“Thaddeus Stevens School has had a huge impact on our lives. My son is thriving here. The school recognizes each individual, and actively searches for just the right way to get through and connect with the students. The school creates a safe space for community and respectful connection. The life lessons my child is learning will benefit not just his personal life, but also the changing world at large. When I am lucky enough to stay for morning meeting, sometimes I leave with tears of inspiration and gratitude that theses students are learning how to be informed, to take care of each other, and create a better world. We are so lucky to be part of this amazing school community.” Andrea Thibaudeau

“Our child enjoys being involved in an engaging and challenging academic environment while at the same time partaking in social justice and community outreach opportunities.” Adam Norwood

From our current students:

“We have a relationship with our teachers.”

“The teachers here always care if we are not doing well in class.”

“The school finds a way to make sure that each student feels like they belong.”

“Problems are always resolved right away.”

From our alumns:

“Teachers are committed to each student’s success.”

“Students are given the opportunity to express an opinion and question what they are learning.”