Understanding that education transformed the life of Thaddeus Stevens and propelled him to work on behalf of his community and country, the School engages all students in a rigorous academic program. Students develop skills and strategies that take them to the higher levels of analytical thinking.

The strong writing program begins in the early grades and builds each year to ensure that students use language to express ideas, explore complex issues, and analyze literary texts. Thaddeus Stevens School students win awards and participate in writers conferences in high school.

The math program is designed to ensure that all students are prepared to take Algebra 1 in the eighth grade.  As part of that preparation, some students take two math classes to ensure their mastery of foundational concepts. The School participates in the national MathCounts competition and the Math Olympiad and has won several regional competitions.

Engaging with the natural world enhances the development of healthy cognitive and emotional growth in adolescents, and the science program is designed to take advantage of Vermont’s readily available diverse environment.

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The international nature of economics and politics requires students of the twenty-first century to grasp the interconnection of ideas, aspirations, and uncertainties of peoples from around the globe.

On behalf of preparing students to function in a complex world, the School integrates art, history, and English throughout the grades.  To understand fully the ethos of any culture, it is necessary to explore the ideas and values expressed in its art, literature, politics, and customs.  Presenting students with a multi-disciplinary approach promotes depth and breadth of understanding as they view the complexity of global events, and provides an opportunity to wrestle with the “big ideas” of human development.  Integrating knowledge increases the skills for researching, analyzing, and synthesizing information in order to evaluate differing points of view, to debate ideas, and to make conclusions about national and global events.

Each grade focuses topically on a time and a place and examines the literature, art, political institutions, architecture, and traditions that have shaped the contemporary world.


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