img_4206Kingdom Montessori School was established in 1998 in Lyndonville as a privately owned preschool and kindergarten with a mission of providing an exceptional educational experience for children aged three to six years.

In June of 2014 Kingdom Montessori School joined another exceptional program, becoming Kingdom Montessori at Thaddeus Stevens School!  With the support and guidance of Thaddeus Stevens School, Kingdom Montessori continues to carry out its mission.

Based on the teachings of Maria Montessori, Kingdom Montessori at Thaddeus Stevens School endeavors to introduce children to a world of learning and to foster the acquisition of skills in a positive atmosphere.  The Montessori classroom is designed to give children the sense of great independence.  It is a place where all interactions are based on respectful relationships among the children and between the children and adults who work with them.  In such a classroom, children excel as they explore the beginnings of reading and writing, the foundations of math, the wonders of science and the diversity of cultures in our world.  Through the careful balancing of social and academic activities, Kingdom Montessori at Thaddeus Stevens School is able to achieve its primary goal of providing a safe, welcoming, always happy, ever stimulating environment.

Please call to schedule a visit to our classroom.  We look forward to meeting you!