From the Board to our families:

Dear TSS Students, Parents, Teachers, Admins and Friends,

Let’s take a minute to reflect on and celebrate what’s good in our lives, especially in these difficult days.

The blows seem to keep coming, left and right, but all in our small but vigorous community are still standing, albeit mostly indoors! 

The Board of Trustees wants to extend our very best wishes to you all and to thank those of you who continue to make our collective lives possible through your extraordinary efforts to keep food in the markets and on the table, hospitals open and running, students with productive and challenging learning exercises, wood in our stoves, communications up and running, and child care for those who so desperately need it. (This is a special hat tip to our pre-school teachers who are selflessly and courageously providing community day care!)  And let us not forget our state legislators and myriad human service employees who continue to function flat out to provide safety nets for all of us who need them.  We salute them, too.

It is inspiring to witness humanity rising to meet the challenge of keeping us all healthy and connected, notwithstanding 6 feet of separation.  We are intent that the school shall continue to provide the kind of community support that underlies its mission, serving the greater good one student at a time, all students in all times, ordinary and extraordinary.

We wish you all good health,

Thaddeus Stevens School Board of Trustees