Financial Aid

Thaddeus Stevens School strives to ensure that all students who want to attend the school can do so regardless of the family’s financial resources.  However, every family pays a minimum amount for tuition and contributes to fundraising activities at school.

The school commissions School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS), an organization that assists the National Association of Independent Schools, to assess each family’s financial need. In order to maintain privacy and consistent treatment, all families requesting financial assistance from Thaddeus Stevens School must submit an application with their requested financial information to this independent organization. The cost of submitting the financial information to SSS is $37 if done online,

Once SSS determines your family’s “ability to pay,” you will be contacted by a member of the Thaddeus Stevens School’s financial aid committee to discuss a tuition payment plan.  The plan may include payment over twelve months as long as all payments are completed by June 30.   Typically, a package provides for assistance for all the years the student will be at Thaddeus Stevens School as long as the family annually updates its financial information with SSS.

Submit your financial application to SSS by May 1 to receive maximum benefit.  Families which submit a $100 Application Fee by March 15 or shortly after a March shadow day must submit their financial information to SSS by May 1; otherwise they will be responsible for the School’s Application Fee amount due at the time they submit their financial information to SSS (i.e., either $200 or $300).


Thaddeus Stevens School is approved by the Vermont Department of Education.  Towns that do not have a designated school for their community are called “sending” towns.  Families who live in these towns fill out a voucher with their town that indicates that their child(ren) will attend Thaddeus Stevens School. The town is authorized by law to send the amount of the average announced tuition of public schools in Vermont to Thaddeus Stevens School.  Families pay the difference between TSS tuition and and the town’s payment (approximately $500 annually).

School choice towns in the Northeast Kingdom (NEK) are as follows: Averill, Avery’s Gore, Bloomfield, Brunswick, Canaan, East Haven, Ferdinand, Granby, Guildhall, Kirby, Lemington, Lewis, Maidstone, Norton, Warner’s Grant, Warren’s Gore, and Victory.

The average announced tuition varies from year to year.

The following information applies for the school year 2020-21:

Grades K-6            Tuition is $15,359 (State Average Announced Tuition)

Grades 7-8            Tuition is $16,733 (State Average Announced Tuition)

Preschool tuition can be found here.

The school works with families to ensure that tuition is not a barrier to attending.

Payment Schedule

Families can pay tuition in a lump sum by August 1, in quarters (July 1, September 1, November 1, January 1), or by specific arrangement with the School.

For families who who pay full tuition, a $200.00 discount is available if the entire tuition is paid by August 1.

Registration Fee (Not Refundable)

$100 if paid by March 15 (or within five days of March shadow day, whichever is later)

$200 if paid by June 1

$300 after June 1

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