Mid-Year Enrollments

The School recognizes that some families, for a variety of reasons, may wish to change schools during the school year.  Students may transfer in to Thaddeus Stevens School at the beginning of each trimester; the dates vary but are approximately the first week of January and the first week of March.


For Those Interested in Entering at the Eighth-Grade Level

Over the years we have found that students entering at the eighth grade level are not always able to achieve the goals of the coursework.  In order to ensure that they are fully prepared for the demands of eighth grade, we ask that applicants for eighth grade sit for a diagnostic math exam and submit a piece of writing that is written on site.  If the work is appropriate for entrance into eighth grade we will proceed with the admissions process.  If there appear to be gaps that would create obstacles to the student’s acquisition of the eighth grade course material, we will suggest that he or she enroll in the seventh grade to ensure adequate preparation for high school.



The school requires a personal commitment from the student and the student’s family. In turn, the school dedicates itself to academic excellence, joy in learning, responsible citizenship, and personal growth. The school will make every effort to:

  • Promote a safe learning environment by insisting on respectful and courteous behavior.
  • Maintain a high academic standard designed to enable students to succeed in learning.
  • Involve parents in their children’s education, keeping all lines of communication open.
  • Encourage the student to find and enjoy meaningful interactions with the school, civic community, and global community.
  • Offer a challenging and supportive learning environment.

In return the student promises to do his or her best to:

  • Arrive at school prepared to learn (on time, rested, fed, with completed homework and necessary books and equipment).
  • Participate fully in his or her education (read, think, discuss, listen, work, share, and confer with teachers to set appropriate goals).
  • Support all students and the school by demonstrating respect for self, for others, and for learning.

The parents or guardians of this student commit themselves to:

  • Supporting the student as he or she works to keep these promises.
  • Communicating openly with the school about academic, social or family concerns.
  • Attending school events and activities whenever possible.

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