Ideal Thaddeus Stevens School Graduate

The comprehensive mission guides the overall school goals for our students. These goals are clustered around the development of voice, character, education, and citizenship.  The expectations are written in second person to promote a personal responsibility with each student.

            THEME:  Finding and Using Your Voice so that You

  • Are comfortable with your opinions and remain confident and articulate even in difficult circumstances;
  • Validate and respect the opinions of others in the formation of your own;
  • Are open to new information.

            THEME:  Strengthening Your Character so that You

  • Act  respectfully toward  yourself and others;
  •  Commit to ideas, people, and community by cultivating and maintaining a sense of social justice;
  • Demonstrate self discipline and integrity in all areas of your life;
  • Exercise the confidence to make sacrifices and/or compromises when making decisions for the common good;
  • Demonstrate perseverance.

            THEME:  Valuing Education so that You

  • Pursue the “big ideas” and deep thinking;
  •  Develop responsibility for your own intellectual curiosity;
  • Communicate your ideas effectively in many forms and forums;
  • Recognize the interconnectedness of art, history, literature, math and the world around you;
  • Strive to be an independent learner;
  • Persevere on behalf of developing self-reliance in academic work, athletics, and social interaction.

            THEME:  Understanding Citizenship in a Global Community so that You

  • Actively seek out resources to understand the diversity in the world;
  • Demonstrate respect for the diversity of cultures and perspectives in the world;
  • Are able to discern between justice, bias, custom, rights.

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