Students at rehearsal for 1787 Alive!
Students at rehearsal for 1787 Alive!

Throughout the year, students participate in a variety of clubs and activities, from creative endeavours to community service projects.  Here are some of the activities, clubs, and sports that students can participate in at TSS:

  • Student-Run Talent Show
  • After school Comic Book Club
  • After school Dungeons & Dragons group
  • Weekly P.I.N.E. Day Fundraiser (People In Need Everywhere) to raise money for the Heifer Foundation, or for local businesses, families, and organizations
  • Annual musical production
  • Spring Celebration of the Arts Gala (the Student Production Team cleans, decorates, and serves catered food, under the direction of Leah Benedict and Emma Hansen)
  • Fundraisers, such as Themed Movie Nights, to raise money for the annual seventh and eighth grade trip to Washington D.C. or New York City
  • Annual Animal Celebration Day
  • Skiing and snowboarding up at Burke Mountain during the winter
  • TSS Soccer Team, The Emancipators, during the fall soccer season
  • Saturnalia, Hanukkah, and Christmas celebrations and activities during the Holidays
  • Annual Faculty Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest (eighth grade students and kindergarten students gut and clean local pumpkins, and then all students watch a timed pumpkin carving battle)
  • Geography Trivia Night during our Annual Geography Week