In partnership with parents, we are a community of diverse learners and teachers dedicated to academic excellence, joy in learning, responsible citizenship, and personal growth.

Together we:

-grow intellectually, physically, and artistically;
-foster integrity;
-fulfill our civic duties;
-embrace human diversity; and
-thrive in a complex world.


The School’s mission and the principles of the First Amendment Schools Network provide the overarching goals for the curriculum and the school culture.  Incorporating the concepts of integrated curricula, flexible scheduling, and individual attention, the School recognizes that success fosters success and that authentic self-esteem is acquired through authentic achievement.  Thus the School focuses on building legitimate student achievement with ongoing student assessments.  The faculty and staff commit themselves to the belief that students can learn and achieve at high levels when given the skills and the opportunity.

The comprehensive curriculum focuses on the content knowledge that students are expected to have mastered prior to the high school years and trains students in the skills needed to locate, organize, analyze, and synthesize that knowledge.  Because the School views community involvement as a mark of responsible, social maturity, it reaches out to the local community and beyond, bringing members into the School to share their expertise and wisdom in the variety of ways.  The learning environment encourages dedication to hard work, to recognizing and correcting mistakes, and to practicing thoughtful, civil, social behavior.  The School believes that in learning to meet these high expectations, its students will strengthen their own growing sense of self and self-respect, will enthusiastically pursue academic excellence, and will interact in an ever more responsible and mature manner with their families and friends.

Recognizing the rapid growth of students during these years, the School clusters their students according to their developmental needs.

 Kingdom Montessori Preschool


Lower Elementary (Grades 1-4)

Middle School (5-8)

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