Community Service at TSS

During the Holidays, we incorporate several community service and charity activities and events.  All grades, preschool through eighth, participate in the wide range of activities.  From the beginning of their time here at TSS, we teach the importance of giving back to your community. Many of our activities are for H.O.P.E., which is a vital non-profit in our Northeast Kingdom community.

This year, some of the activities we worked on as a school were: making Chex Mix goodie bags for 90 stockings created by H.O.P.E., making holiday cards for gift boxes from H.O.P.E., participating in the Burke Chamber of Commerce Adopt-A-Tree Charity Competition (we tied for 3rd place this year!), making pudding and cookies for H.O.P.E., working our Annual Simple Gifts community service vent at the St. Johnsbury Victorian Holiday Celebration, and our Annual Toy Drive for H.O.P.E.!

Here are some photos from our community service and charity work this year.