Rosie’s Girls at TSS


Rosie’s Girls 2017:
June 19 – June 30

Only a couple of spots left for the 2017 session!

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For information or an application, please contact

Emma Hansen at (802) 626-0370,
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Thank you to everyone who made Rosie’s Girls 2016 phenomenal!


img_2345Rosie’s Girls® was created by Vermont Works for Women in Winooski, VT.  This unique summer program is for middle school girls in grades 6th through 8th grades.

Named after the iconic image of Rosie the Riveter, this camp aims to dismantle the assumptions that prevent young girls from growing into aspirational women with grit, determination, and compassion.  Rosie the Riveter symbolizes female strength, self-efficacy, and independence.

The camp builds strong, confident girls through exploration of STEM and Trades-related activities.  The goals are not to create the next generation of mathematicians or carpenters, but rather to use STEM and Trades activities as vehicles for teaching self-efficacy, confidence, and strength.  The camp aims to empower young girls to pursue their dreams, whatever those dreams may be, and to be supportive of one another in the process.  There are “Girl’s World” activities woven throughout the camp: activities focus on media literacy, peer aggression, body image, and gender expression.

Rosie’s Girls® fosters a safe and healthy place where girls can get their hands dirty and take on positive risks – all while having fun and making long-lasting friendships!  Through both classroom and fieldwork, Rosie’s Girls® empowers young women to find their strength and confidence, and to support others through this process!

Goals and Activities

img_2490Rosie’s Girls Summer Programs build girls’ confidence, resilience, and voice through activities that have demonstrable immediate and long-lasting impacts.

  • Challenge expectations society has for girls and women;
  • Encourage team building and positive group dynamics, with a focus on creating and maintaining a safe and positive community;
  • Foster fun and creative behaviors and ideas during all activities;
  • Hear from professional women who are experts in STEM and Trades fields;
  • Examine gender stereotypes and expand media literacy;
  • Push past preconceived limitations;
  • Expand math and science skills through concrete applications; and
  • Develop new areas of physical and emotional confidence.

Community Partnerships

It takes a community to empower our youth, so Thaddeus Stevens School is partnering with local area high schools and colleges, including a graduate student at the University of Vermont and teachers from both Lyndon Institute and St. Johnsbury Academy, to provide the best possible summer camp experience.  Some of these instructors include:

  • Melissa Tyler, Welding Instructor from Lyndon Institute, will lead instruction on Welding, including creating a culminating community service project;
  • Elia Desjardins, STEM Chair from St. Johnsbury Academy, will assist with hands-on STEM activities that allow campers to expand and apply math and science skills.

img_2845Why do we need Rosie’s Girls®?

According to the 2015 Vermont Middle School Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 50% of girls are less likely to feel like they matter in their community, and boys were significantly more likely to feel valued. 36% of girls have been electronically bullied, and 53% of girls who were bullied at school were likely to miss school as a result.

According to recent studies, 53% of 12-year old girls are unhappy with their bodies.  That number rises to 78% by the age of seventeen.  Over 60% of women struggle with some form of an eating disorder, and rates of depression among girls and women have more than doubled since 2000.  The American Psychological Association recently declared self-objectification a national epidemic.

As a result, American society is seeing young women spend more money on cosmetics, plastic surgery, and hair products than they are on their own education. Young girls tend to be less likely to raise their hands in classes, pursue opportunities, and follow their aspirations.

In 2013, Vermont Works for Women published a report titled Enough Said that surveyed over 210 girls between the ages of 15 and 25 from 28 different communities in Vermont. The results stated that young women in Vermont lack knowledge about personal finance, experience social aggression among girls frequently, and lack exposure to careers or hobbies that might be of interest.

Rosie’s Girls® fosters an environment that encourages young girls to pursue challenges as a result of increased self-efficacy, resilience, and confidence. The goal is not to create the next generation of STEM or Trades professionals, but rather to encourage life-long learning, positive relationships with girls, and expanded beliefs of what women are capable of accomplishing.  Together, we can dismantle these alarming statistics and help empower our young women!

13620971_1064766223589066_3276784268055581334_nRosie’s Girls® Successful Results

According to pre and post surveys from the 2016 Rosie’s Girls at TSS, 100% of campers showed increase resilience, self-efficacy, and self-esteem.  As one camper said, “Rosie’s Girls changed how I see myself and other girls. I want to support them, not compete with them.”

Support Rosie’s Girls at TSS

Tuition is set at $600 per camper, but that amount, even if the camp is at full capacity and campers pay full tuition, does not cover the cost of operating expenses, which include transportation, curricular development and instructional time, food, and materials. The camp runs at approximately $530 above the full tuition price per camper.  In 2016, 84% of our campers were on full or partial financial aid.  As many are aware, the Northeast Kingdom is one of the more financially depressed areas of Vermont.  Part of our goal at Rosie’s Girls at TSS is that financial struggle does not prevent a young girl from a potentially transformative opportunity. Every donation goes directly to operating expenses.  Rosie’s Girls is a program of Thaddeus Stevens School, which is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

If you wish to make a donation to Rosie’s Girls at TSS, please contact Emma Hansen.