German Exchange Program

The Moderne Schule students arrive to TSS!

The Moderne Schule students arrive to TSS!

We have partnered with the Moderne Schule Hamburg in Germany.  Starting in fifth grade, students at TSS are partnered with students at Moderne Schule, and they exchange letters and Skype.  This relationship continues through the years, culminating in eighth grade with a home exchange.

The spring of 2017 we have our first exchange, with German students and faculty visiting us here in Vermont for fourteen days.  Host families with take them on various outings both in groups and as a family, but the School has planned a variety of trips and events for our guests, including touring the State House, touring Ben & Jerry’s, touring local working farms to see maple sugaring and animals, skiing and snowboarding, sledding, and hiking.

In April of 2017, our students will then travel over to stay in Hamburg.

The partnership offers members of both schools the opportunity to communicate with each other in many different ways and build up valuable relationships. Mutual understanding and respect of the respective other culture help to build up the partnership and let it grow continuously. In order to make it more intense, regular communication and exchange among teachers is important. Both schools aim to build up a lasting cooperation.

Through partnerships students of the two schools can gain experience in international cooperation. Students can organize different events, joint projects and other activities. The common goal is to deepen their knowledge about each other’s culture and their global experience. The cooperation should have advantages in many ways for both schools.