Geography Awareness Week

Geography Awareness Week is an international week celebrating Geography!  Our third and fourth grade Social Studies teacher Ms. Tinkham is a member of the Vermont Geographic Society, and organized a week of activities for students of all grades.  Some of these activities included: working with a giant Vermont map, learning about the importance of Bees and then creating Bees from plastic bottle caps, visits from guest speakers, and a Geography Trivia Night!


12321540_942268849172138_6434609938573397926_nAndy Mosedale, a local Entrepreneur from Barnet and Chief Technology Officer at Mosedale Integrated Solutions, came to speak to the students about his latest work: the Shredderbot. Shredderbot is a machine that shreds up plastic, which can then be prepurposed for a number of things: 3D printing manufacturing and insulation, just to a name a couple. Students at TSS examine sustainability and global climate change in many of their classes, and they were excited to hear about the possibilities of Shredderbot. Some had some great ideas to improve the current prototype design, and continued to talk about the possibilities throughout the day!


2883Lake Champlain International Executive Director James Ehlers–a former science teacher–spoke to TSS students as well about the importance of clean water, and what we can do here in Vermont to ensure the safety of our bodies of water.  Ehlers discussed not only the ecological importance of clean bodies of water, but also the economic value of clean lakes and rivers.  Last year we watched the documentary Mission Blue, and learned about the massive plastic gyres that are currently floating in our oceans.  One of the foundations of our Science program is ecological stewardship and sustainability, so this was a great opportunity to see an avenue to pursue that sustainability!


Here are some more photos from our fantastic Geography Awareness Week!