Global Connections

Germany Exchange Program

We have partnered with the Moderne Schule Hamburg in Germany.  Starting in fifth grade, students at TSS are partnered with students at Moderne Schule, and they exchange letters and Skype.  This relationship continues through the years, culminating in eighth grade with a home exchange.  In the spring of 2017, students will embark on our first home exchange: Moderne Schule students will first visit and stay with us here in Vermont, and our students will then go visit them in Germany.  For additional information about our exchange program, click here.


As part of our language program, students will partake in cultural exchanges with students over in Japan.  Jamie Robertson, our Japanese instructor, has reached out to former classmates who now live and teach in the Northern and Southern areas of Japan.  Emma Hansen has connected with Ben Silverman, a former TSS classmate, who now lives in Tokyo and works at a dojo.  Students will exchange videos covering topics about foods, holidays, and cultural practices.


TSS has connected with a Peace Corps volunteer down in the Western Highlands of Guatemala through the Peace Corps’ educational cultural exchange program. Students of all grades will exchange letters, emails, videos, and Skype calls.  Although some of the Guatemalan children speak broken English and some Spanish, 98% of Guatemalans in that area speak Maya K’iche’.  This exchange allows students to experience a language and culture unlike the Germanic languages and cultural practices they are familiar with, and allows Guatemalan children an opportunity to hear and learn about our culture.