A wee cèilidh!

Our Dean of Elementary, originally from Glasgow, has been on pins and needles in the weeks leading up to today’s vote for Scottish independence.  To show our support and love for Maria, we planned a surprise party for her, or a wee cèilidh, as she calls them!  Our Director, Julie, persuaded her to meet to talk about some “logistical questions” she had, while we set up the music and the cake.  She then asked that she join us for morning meeting to talk to the kids about the vote, but upon entering the entire school stood up, including her family which we organized to come and join us, and began singing the Scottish national anthem while some of our students brought out a cake decorated with the Scottish flag.  After the tears and clapping, we started serving the cake and sang a robust rendition of 500 Miles while we danced and clapped and cheered!  It was a perfect way to start the morning!